HackCoVIT 2020

Let’s join hands and minds to innovate tools which can help in the fight with the global pandemic Covid 19. Get your hack on!

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Themes For The Hackathon


Pollution and greenhouse gasses emission has fallen across continents as countries try to contain the spread of COVID-19. Is this just a fleeting change, or could it lead to long lasting falls in emission? What are the technological solutions to keep the environment persistent?


With COVID-19 spreading, massive consequences to livelihood are feared. How is the pandemic affecting food systems, food security, and agricultural livelihoods? What role (if any) animals play in transmitting the disease? How can we mould it effectively?

Internet Security

Many companies adopted work-from-home policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity is a growing issue. Hackers are exploiting this to target companies and individuals which calls for an urgent call of action for cyber security enthusiasts.

Health Care Innovations

Healthcare innovation is more important than ever. Our system is straining, and there is an important role for technology and innovation to help in the short- and long-term to battle the effects of this pandemic


As of March 28, 2020, the pandemic has caused more than 1.6 billion children and youth to be out of school in 161 countries. This is close to 80% of world’s enrolled students. Are we leading towards a global learning crisis?

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Our panel consists of leading industry experts from top multi national corporations around the world such as Microsoft, Thought Works, Thomson Reuters and Zoho Corporation.

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